Banjul, capital of Gambia

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Banjul is the city which is an administrative centre of Gambia. Besides, it represents itself as its industrial and cultural centre. Ethnic composition of Banjul is very diverse. Besides it, in Banjul it is possible to meet and Europeans. The state language recognises English. As the basic religion Islam the Sunnite of a direction acts. But also it is possible to meet both Christians, and pagans - adherents of local cults.

Banjul - capital of Gambia

Banjul in 1816 has been based But people occupied these territories to the city basis. At the time of colonial empires Gambias existed as one of independent colonies. Banjul where placement of governor's residence was supposed was its capital. In 1954 the assertion of the first Constitution has taken place, however in 1960 local authorities have made the decision on its replacement by the new. In 3 years - in 1963 - Gambia has turned to homing territory. Banjul became its capital. In 1965 Gambia was definitively transformed to an independent state with a republican form of government.

The Gambia capital is the basic cultural centre of the country. In Banjul the National university (its opening has occurred in 1997) functions. Opening of library and a small museum has more recently taken place. In capital the state radio station acts. However tourist business practically is not developed.

the Flag cities officially is not accepted.

The coat of arms of Banjul, capital of Gambia

The coat of arms Banjul represent the heraldic board of the English form divided across on 3 unequal parts of white, red and black colours. Above on a white background there is a plotting of two half moons and one cross between them. These signs act as symbols of two most widespread religions in Gambia - Islam and Christianity. More low on a red background two guns (a symbol of protection of territory) are represented. And at the very bottom on the black background which has been cut by white strips, symbolising waves, there is a stylised plotting of fish.