Yerevan, capital of Armenia

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • of 782 BC
  • 1,11 million persons
  • of 300 sq. km
  • Drams ( notes and coins )

Yerevan - modern capital of the Republic Armenia, one of the most ancient saved cities on the Earth. Has the general administrative borders with several areas: Ararat, Kotajk, Armavir, Aragatsatn. The City territory is possessed on volcanic plateau of the Araratsky valley, on left to river bank Is distributed. The ancient name of Yerevan - Erebuni.

Yerevan - capital of Armenia

In a city the restored mosque - Gusejnali of the khan (i.e. «a blue mosque») was saved. The prevailing part of the population of a city adheres to Christian religion.

the Flag of Yerevan, capital of Armenia

Official the flag Yerevan represents a rectangular panel of white colour in which centre the plotting of the urban arms surrounded with an oval contour from 12 red slanting triangles is seated. White colour symbolises cleanliness of thoughts. The quantity of triangles personifies number of historical capitals of Armenia. The flag is confirmed in 2004

The coat of arms of Yerevan, capital of Armenia

The coat of arms Yerevan represent the heraldic board of the French form coloured in bronzovo-apricot colour. The board is bordered by a thin contour of blue colour. The central and unique figure of the coat of arms is the going "king-lion Eribuni" represented by blue lines symbolising the power (such lion was seated often on the patrimonial arms of princes of Armenia). The right forepaw of an animal compresss a sceptre personifying the power. On a breast of a lion the round emblem on which the mountain Ararat and a sign designating eternity are symbolically represented is seated. Over a head of a lion the crown represented in the form of a so-called tree of a life - a symbol, since the most ancient times personifying eternity is possessed. In arms bottom the strip of dark blue colour on which gold letters trace the city name in the Armenian language is seated. The municipal arm has been officially confirmed in 1995