Baku, capital of Azerbaijan

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • VI century AD
  • 2,07 million persons
  • 2,1 thousand in sq. km
  • Azerbaijan manat ( notes and coins )

Baku - the modern capital of Republic Azerbaijan, represents the big city in the state (half of population of the country here lives), the political, cultural, industrial and financial centre of the country. The population large part (about 90 %) is made by Azerbaijanians.

Baku - capital of Azerbaijan (the Maiden tower)

The city Name is literally transferred from the Persian language as «blown by a wind» or «a city of winds». The Geographical position - the south of Apsheron. The city is washed by waters of Caspian sea. The significant amount of small islands largest of which are Zenbil, Here-zire, Bejuk-zire, Dash-zire, Chilov, Ignat Dash, Garasu (the Baku archipelago) also concerns territory of Baku. In a city there is a historical centre - strength of Icheri Sheher (the Internal city).

The Major urban places of interest are the Maiden tower (XII century), a palace of Shirvanshah (XV century), and also primitive rock drawings in caves in reserve Gobustan.

the Flag cities officially is not confirmed.

The coat of arms of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan

The coat of arms of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan

Official the coat of arms cities represent a heraldic board of the French form which basic field is coloured in black colour. On a board 3 gold tongues of flame (torches) possessed in the form of a triangle (2 below on each side, 1 - in the centre from above) are represented. The arms are surrounded by two gold oak branches (or gold ears of wheat) which under a board are connected together by a tape of dark blue colour. The board top is decorated by a gold royal tower crown with three teeth, personifying the Supreme power and the state. Official confirmation date became on March, 16th, 1883 The coat of arms sometimes represent coloured in dark blue (blue, azure) colour with the bottom extremity coloured in black colour. In this case in arms bottom 4 wavy horizontal strips of gold colour personifying (as well as colour of a board) waters of Caspian sea place. Three tongues of flame are represented without changes. Torches personify natural fires (burning gas) which since ancient times are considered as a traditional symbol of Azerbaijan (sometimes it name the country of fires). The board on perimetre is edged by a thin gold contour.