Dacca, capital of Bangladesh

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • VII century
  • 9,7 million persons
  • of 81,5 sq. km
  • Taka ( notes and coins )

Dacca - capital of modern Bangladesh, represents the largest city in the state, and also the main economic, administrative, cultural and transport centre. A geographical arrangement of a city - river banks Burhi. Dacca has been officially recognised by capital of Bangladesh in 1971

Dacca - capital of Bangladesh (strength of Lal-Bagh)

The Most known places of interest of a city are: Sat Gumbad mosque; the Star mosque; strength of Lal-Bagh; the mausoleum of Bibi Pary; the Large market. Besides, on a city territory is more than 700 diverse mosques.

the Flag of Dacca, capital of Bangladesh

Official the flag cities represents the panel of a squared shape coloured in blue (azure) colour. In the cloth centre the plotting of the urban arms is seated. As a whole the capital flag has much in common with a national flag of Bangladesh which represents a green rectangular panel with red circle in the centre. Blue colour personifies nobleness, fidelity and blueness of the sky. Green colour of a background serves as a symbol of the nature of the country, violent vegetation, its youth and vital force; the white symbolises cleanliness of thoughts, justice and the world. Red colour in the flag centre symbolises a rising sun after darkness of night of bloody wars and acts as an independence sign.

The coat of arms of Dacca, capital of Bangladesh

the coat of arms capitals of Bangladesh the round heraldic board of red colour bordered with a wide green strip is Modern. On board perimetre on a green strip there passes the Arabian inscription of white colour which is divided by two white five-pointed stars possessed more close to bottom of the coat of arms. In the board centre the stylised plotting of the street lantern which top places on the disk of gold colour personifying an aura of light round a lantern is seated. In arms bottom on a red field two wide white strips are represented (one of which is horizontal, the second - bends around a red field on perimetre), connected with one another on the ends. On a horizontal line by red letters in an environment of two five-pointed red stars it is traced on a city rank - «DHAKA»; on other line - «CITY CORPORATION». Besides, on lateral parts of the coat of arms two thin white vertical lines, concluding are represented by the arrows indicating a lantern. Colours of the urban arms have the same official treatment, as colours of a flag.