Yangon, capital of Burma (Myanmar)

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • middle of XVIII century
  • 4,5 million persons
  • of 576 sq. km
  • Kyat ( notes and coins )

Yangon (Rangoon) - modern capital of Federation Myanmar (Burma), represents the largest port in the state. An official language - burmese. The population large part professes the Buddhism. Originally the city was called as Jankon that in a literal translation means «enmity end» (other version of transfer of the name - «a world city» is propagated also). Geographically the city is possessed on the river banks Yangons, entitled a city. The pioneer settlement in territory of a modern city was formed in the beginning of I millenium. However Yangon as a city has arisen in the middle of XVIII century

Yangon - capital of Burma (Myanmar)

The Most known and visited tourists urban places of interest of Yangon are: Shve Dagon sacred pagoda-mortar (V century BC); a statue of the Lying Buddha (X century); the National museum; a significant amount of diverse Buddhist monasteries and floating hotels.

the Flag Yangon officially is not confirmed.

The coat of arms of Yangon, capital of Burma (Myanmar)

Official the coat of arms cities represent the heraldic board of the traditional English form coloured in yellow (gold) colour. The basic figure of a board is the tree with a brown trunk and green foliage. The tree places in the central part of the coat of arms and practically reaches its top and bottom extremities. In board bottom on each side from a tree the plotting of two peacocks of dark blue colour with fluffed up green (in tune to foliage) tails is seated.