Nicosia, capital of Cyprus

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • the beginning of I millenium
  • 100 thousand persons
  • of 111 sq. km
  • Cyprus pound

Nicosia - modern capital of Republic Cyprus, represents the largest city on territory of the country. The name has occurred from Greek Lefkosija. The former name of a city - Lefkotea, the name of Lefkosija has been pirated to a city in IV century the Geographical arrangement of a city - a valley of Mesaorija between two mountain ridges. The firm date of the basis of a city is unknown (about I millenium), however the pioneer settlement in the this territory (city-state of Ledra) has arisen at the time of a neolith.

Nicosia - capital of Cyprus

The Basic places of interest of a city - an archiepiscopal palace, church of the Mother of god, church Panajja Hrizaliniotissa, a cathedral of Sacred Sofia, Sacred John's cathedral, Ataturk's area; gate of Famagusta, a bastion Constance, etc.

Modern the flag Nicosia represents the panel of a squared shape coloured in white colour. In the cloth centre the plotting of the modern urban arms is seated.

The coat of arms of Nicosia, capital of Cyprus

The coat of arms cities represent the stylised plotting of a gold flower with the big disk in the centre and 8 figured petals round it. The flower is concluded in the wavy contour coloured in dark blue colour. Between petals of a flower and contour edge there passes a thin white strip. In the disk centre the contour of the stylised white bird represented in flight is seated. Dark blue colour traditionally symbolises itself freedom, independence and the sky; gold - nobleness, well-being and vital energy; white - justice and people brotherhood.