Tbilisi, capital of Georgia

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • V century
  • 1,4 million persons
  • of 372 sq. km
  • Laris ( notes and coins )

Tbilisi - the modern capital of Georgia, represents one of the most ancient cities of Asia. Tbilisi has arisen and developed thanks to passing on territory of Georgia to the Great Silk path connecting Georgia with Syria, Armenia, Albania and Iran.

Tbilisi - capital of Georgia

The City is in a mountainous valley on the river Kure. Tbilisi has received the name thanks to a significant amount of the hot sulfuric sources possessed in territory of the state (from Georgian, «tbili» - "warm").

the Flag of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia

Official the flag cities represents a rectangular panel in which centre the Scandinavian cross of blue (dark blue) colour symbolising Christianity (Tbilisi - one of the first cities where the Christian belief has been accepted) is seated. Vertical extremities of a cross are slightly displaced from the centre towards a flag staff. The cross is bordered with the thin gold lines represented with a small space from a cross. In the cross centre the red rectangular board on which the stylised gold plotting of a bird and the Georgian letters are seated places. And rectangle sides surround top of 7 gold seven-beam stars. The author of design of a modern flag of Tbilisi is Emil Burdzhanadze.

The coat of arms of Tbilisi, capital of Georgia

The coat of arms Tbilisi represents a circle of gold (yellow) colour.