Bagdad, capital of Iraq

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • of 762
  • 6,5 million persons
  • of 204,2 sq. km
  • Dinar Iraq ( notes and coins )

Bagdad - modern capital of Republic Iraq, a city-port. An official language - Arabian. The population large part (about 90 %) practises Islam the Sunnite and Shiit sense. Geographically the city places on river bank the Tiger in vicinities of a mouth of Dijary. A climate subtropical, Mediterranean.

Bagdad - capital of Iraq

Bagdad is an administrative centre, and also the major economic and transport centre of the state. The city is erected by order of Caliph Mansura in 762 and is declared by state Abbasidov capital. Since IX century Bagdad represents the largest cultural and financial centre not only the states, but also all Near East. In first half XX century the city was under the power of Great Britain. Is capital of the state since 1921 the Name Bagdad literally is transferred as «Divine gift». Early names of a city - the Madinat-expert-saljam («a world city») and the Madinat-expert-mudavvara («a round city»).

The Largest places of interest - Madrassas Dustansirija and the mausoleum Zubajdy dated on XIII century, and also the Gold mosque, the Iraq museum and gate Bab al-Vastiva.

the Flag of Bagdad, capital of Iraq

Bagdad has several official distinctive symbols. the flag cities represents a rectangular panel of white colour in which bottom 3 horizontal equal strips dark blue (top and bottom) and yellow (central) colours are represented. In the cloth centre on a white field, without concerning the bottom strips, the creed traditional for the Muslim countries - a half moon coloured in dark blue colour places. Half moon small horns are developed in opposite from a staff of a flag the party.

The coat of arms of Bagdad, capital of Iraq

Confirmed the coat of arms Bagdad (to military operations of 2003 spent in Iraq by the USA) represents a square board of violet colour with the rounded off edges in which centre the black contour represents the eight-final star personifying Muslim belief. The star is led round by a thin edging of gold colour. In the star centre on a blue field the white stone arch (window) in which the pipe and a rainbow are visible is possessed. The star is positioned on a pedestal of gold colour on which green (traditional colour of Moslem) letters trace the complete name of a city in the Arabian language.