Jerusalem, capital of Israel

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • XVI century BC
  • 729,9 thousand persons
  • of 126,4 sq. km
  • Shekel ( notes and coins )

Jerusalem - official capital of Republic Israel, is the important political-economical centre of the state and the religious centre of all world (in a city there are monuments to many world religions - to Christianity, a Judaism, Islam). However as its capital consider only Israel, the USA and some Latin American states. All other countries of the world name capital of Israel Tel Aviv according to the United Nations resolution. The name Jerusalem is transferred from a Hebrew as "sacred". The early name - Jevus. The city places in the Near East between Dead and Mediterranean seas.

Jerusalem - capital of Israel (the Knesseth)

In territory of Jerusalem the set of religious places of interest of three religions pivotal of which are is possessed: for Christianity - a considerable quantity of churches and cathedrals of the diverse faiths constructed there where Jesus went; for Islam - a religious complex of Al-Haram al-Sharif on the Temple mountain; for a Judaism - a Wailing Wall.

the Flag of Jerusalem, capital of Israel

Modern the flag Jerusalem represents a rectangular panel of white colour in which top and bottom parts 2 equal horizontal strips of dark blue (blue) colour place. In the flag centre the plotting of the official urban arms is seated. Over a board dark blue letters trace the city name in a Hebrew. White and dark blue colours personify Judaic belief (the traditional white coverlet with dark blue strips is used for a prayer read in the mornings and symbolising a new life, revival).

The coat of arms of Jerusalem, capital of Israel

The coat of arms cities represent a heraldic board of the English form of the gold colour, bordered with a thin dark blue contour. On all field of a board on a gold background thin dark blue lines represent the stone laying symbolising a Wailing Wall. In the board centre the stylised plotting of the lion who has risen on hinder legs of dark blue colour is seated. Bottom and board tops on perimetre decorate 2 dark blue branches of an olive tree. Over the coat of arms dark blue letters in a Hebrew write the city name. The lion symbolises itself boldness of a sort of Judas - a main sort of Judaic tribes, an olive branch - the world, colours of the coat of arms - a Judaism. Modern emblems of Jerusalem have been officially confirmed in 1950