Amman, capital of Jordan

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • of 600 BC
  • 1 million persons
  • 86 thousand in sq. km
  • Dinar Jordan ( notes and coins )

Amman - official modern capital Jordanian Hashimit Kingdoms. During ancient Roman and Byzantian times Amman carried other name - Philadelphia which has been pirated to a city by Ancient Greek governor Ptolemej II. The city is one of the largest administrative centres of the state. The population large part preaches Moslem. An official language - Arabian.

Amman - capital of Jordan

The City territory is possessed on hilly district (initially Amman placed on 7 hills, now it takes the territory which is switching on 15 hills). The significant part of all urban buildings and structures is constructed of local white fossil rock owing to what Amman it is accepted to name a white city. Main places of interest of Amman are the temple of Hercules constructed in II century; an ancient Greek amphitheatre and the Christian citadel constructed in VIII century

the Flag of Amman, capital of Jordan

the Flag Amman is the rectangular panel of green colour in which centre are seated (one in other) 2 extended half moons of the different sizes and a circle of the grey (silver) colour, possessed small horns downwards. Against half moons the gold Muslim temple is represented. Green colour of a cloth is traditional colour for an embodiment of Muslim belief.

The coat of arms cities officially are not confirmed.