Al Kuwait, capital of Kuwait

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • the beginning of XVIII century
  • 163 thousand persons
  • of 200 sq. km
  • Kuwaiti dinar ( notes and coins )

Al Kuwait (Kuwait) - the modern capital of Kuwait, a city-port, represents Itself a unique big city in the state (here lives 1/3 all population of the country). Is the main political, economic and transport centre of Kuwait.

Al Kuwait - capital of Kuwait

The City places in the northwest of Persian gulf.

the Flag of Al Kuwait, capital of Kuwait

the Flag Kuwait represents the rectangular panel consisting of 3 equivalent horizontally possessed strips. The strip of green colour, medium - white, bottom - red is top. In the left extremity of a cloth the trapeze of the black colour which basis coincides with a flag staff is represented. Red colour personifies the blood spilt by patriots in struggle for freedom and independence of the country, green - the fertile earth, white - cleanliness of thoughts, nobleness and persistence on purpose achievement. The trapeze personifies popular wisdom. The flag has received an official confirmation in 1961

The coat of arms of Al Kuwait, capital of Kuwait

Modern the coat of arms cities represent the round form a board of azure (blue) colour on which white colour represents waves and clouds. The central figure of a board is the black ship with the white sails, personifying a seamanship and a sailing vessel on which there have arrived on the this territory the first settlers. In board top the white tape with the motto with traced on it the Arabian letters of black colour a word "Kuwait" is possessed. As chargers the head and wings of an eagle of the gold colour, bordering a board on perimetre serve represented. Arms basis is the small heraldic board possessed under a head of an eagle and divided into 3 vertical strips of red, white and green colours (that retries colours of an urban flag). The top extremity of a board-basis is coloured in black colour.