Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • 1857
  • 1,5 million persons
  • of 245 sq. km
  • Malaysian ringgit ( notes and coins )

Kuala Lumpur - the modern capital of Malaysia having the status of federal territory. Represents one of the major financial, transport and industrial centres of the state. The name is literally transferred with Malaysian as «merge of muddy waters». Among local residents the reduced name of a city - K L is accepted.

The City is on Malay peninsula, between mountains and the rivers Gombak and Klang (from here the city name). Kuala Lumpur has been erected in 1857 in that territory where earlier there was a working settlement of Chineses, workers on tin extraction. In 1880 the city has been declared by capital of the Selangorsky princedom, and in 1961 - capital of Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur - capital of Malaysia (Petronas the Twin a Tower)

The Most well-known and interesting urban places of interest of Kuala Lumpur are: Petronas the Twin a Tower - a building which is constructed in the form of cop of corn and being the highest skyscraper in the world; a television tower of Menara which among skyscrapers takes the fourth place in the world; a mosque of Masdzhid Negara - a main Muslim symbol of a city; streets Dzhalan Radzha and Dzhalan Tun Perak to whom the set of valuable architecturally-historical monuments (for example, City council and information Department is erected); the Palace of sultan Abdul-samada in which building the Supreme court of a city now acts; a forest park of Lejk Gardens, etc.

the Flag of Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia

the Flag Kuala Lumpur is the rectangular panel divided into 3 horizontal strips. The midland is coloured in dark blue colour, top and bottom consist of alternating red and white horizontal strips. On a dark blue strip is closer to a flag staff the half moon and star (sun) plotting coloured in gold colour is seated. The Dark blue strip of a flag is an embodiment of unity and unity of all inhabitants of the state; the star and a half moon symbolise itself religion predominating in the country and wisdom that is traditional for many Muslim states. Yellow (gold) colour of symbols means the monarchic power. The half moon and a star are copied on a flag of Kuala Lumpur from a national flag of Malaysia (14 beams mean 13 Malaysian provinces and 1 federal district).

The coat of arms of Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia

The coat of arms cities is the heraldic board of the English form which top extremity is coloured in red colour, bottom - in silver (grey). In the board centre 3 horizontal strips bent in the form of mountain - wide in the centre and narrow along the edges are represented. The central strip is coloured in dark blue colour, lateral - in red that retries the basic drawing of an official flag Kuala Lumpur. On top the represented head of a tiger turned in a profile is seated. Under a head, on a red field of a board places 2 crossed national daggers. Chargers are 2 green branches with the red colours, interlaced by an orange tape. Under a board the arched tape with the motto of silver colour on which black letters trace the complete name of a city is represented.