Male, capital of Maldive Islands

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • XV century
  • 104,4 thousand persons
  • of 2 sq. km
  • Maldivian rufiyaa ( notes and coins )

Male - capital of Maldive Islands, is the main is administrative-political, economic and cultural centre of the state and thus is one of the smallest on the area of world capitals.

Male - capital of Maldive Islands

One of distinctive features is that here absolutely there is public transport (no exception make a taxi) as all island can be crossed approximately for 30 minutes the Basic places of interest of Male the palace and museums are a mosque of Friday.

the Flag of Male, capital of Maldive Islands

Official the flag capitals of Maldive Islands represents the rectangular panel consisting of horizontally possessed 3 strips, medium from which takes exactly 1/2 general width of a cloth of a flag, and top and bottom are equal on the size. The bottom strip of a flag is coloured in blue colour, medium - in green, top - in yellow. In the central part of a cloth on a green field the identical stylised plotting of 6 five-petal colours of the white colour, possessed in the form of a ring is seated. On the right and to the left of colours on a green field two mirror displayed figures consisting of two crossed hammers of black colour are placed. Colours of a flag have traditional official treatment. So, green colour personifies the world, a life, spring, revival and the fertile earth. Yellow colour is a symbol of a solar energy, a prosperity and well-being; blue - fidelity, self-sacrifice, freedom and an unflawed sky.

The coat of arms cities officially are not confirmed.