Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • 1639
  • 1,04 million persons
  • 4,7 thousand in sq. km
  • Tögrög ( notes and coins )

Ulan Bator - the modern capital of Mongolia representing an independent administrative unit. Earlier the city carried other names: Orgoo (literally "palace") - from the moment of education, Them-huree («the Great monastery») - since 1706 and Nijslel-huree («the Metropolitan monastery») - since 1911

Ulan Bator - capital of Mongolia

The Name Ulan Bator («the Red athlete») was accepted in 1924 in honour of hero Suhe-Batora who struggled with the Chinese army and has released Mongolia. The city places in a valley on river bank Tola.

the Flag of Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia

the Flag cities represents the cloth of a squared shape coloured in azure (blue) colour. In the flag centre the plotting of a main figure of the official urban arms - Garudy is seated.

The coat of arms of Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia

the coat of arms Ulan Bator the heraldic board of the Spanish form with the rounded off top extremity is Modern. The basic field of a board is coloured in black colour. The main and unique figure of a board possessed in the centre and taking its big part, the plotting of Garudy - sacred mythical beings from the Indian mythology, the son of the goddess of night of Dakshi and a great wise man of Kashjapy is.