Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • 1961
  • 956 thousand persons
  • of 804 sq. km
  • Rupee Pakistan ( notes and coins )

Islamabad - modern capital of Islamic Republic Pakistan, the important political and financial centre of the country. The name is literally transferred as «Islam city». Islamabad has received the status of capital of the state in 1959 (earlier capital was Karachi).

Islamabad - capital of Pakistan

The City has started to be erected in 1961, functions of time capital were executed by the next city - Ravalrindi. The city places in a valley at spurs of the Himalayas in the north of territory of Pakistan.

Islamabad has own officially confirmed emblems of a city.

the Flag of Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

the Flag cities represents the panel of the square form divided by a diagonal strip (top-down, from left to right) on 2 triangles - white (the proximate to a staff) and dark green. Against the white one more triangle of the smaller size - black is seated. In top distant from a staff to flag angle on a green field the plotting of traditional Muslim symbols - a half moon and the five-pointed star, executed in white colour is seated. Green colour symbolises the large part of the population professing Islamic belief, white - the inhabitants adhering to other religions. Black - colour of wisdom, a constancy. The half moon and a star personify enlightenment and development.

The coat of arms of Islamabad, capital of Pakistan

The coat of arms cities represent the board of the French form crosswisely divided into 4 equal parts. Tops contain the plotting of a white equipotential rhombus with a tree in the centre, possessed on a green field (at the left), and a green stalk of tobacco - on a white field. In the bottom left part of a board on a white background the green sheaf of wheat is represented. The bottom right part is divided into 2 horizontal parts white (above) and green (in the bottom of) colours. Here on a white field 4 corn stalks are represented. The board is surrounded by two green blossoming branches crossed below. Over a board the five-beam star of green colour and a half moon, traditionally used in the Arabian countries are seated. Under the coat of arms the arched tape with the motto of dark green colour places. Green colour symbolises Islam, white - clearness, wisdom, cleanliness.