Manila, capital of Philippines

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • 1574
  • 1,7 million persons
  • 14,1 thousand in sq. km
  • Peso Philippines ( notes and coins )

Manila - modern capital of Philippines, the largest city in the state. Represents one of the most developed in administrative, economic and transport plan of cities of Philippines. Places on island Luzon in the Manilsky gulf of South China sea.

Manila - capital of Philippines

Manila represents some kind of a conglomerate from 17 cities, i.e. It is divided by an administrative principle into 7 areas and 10 municipal districts.

the Flag of Manila, capital of Philippines

Modern the flag Manila represents the panel of a squared shape coloured in dark green colour. In the flag centre the plotting of the urban arms representing a round board with an emblem and the name of a city is seated.

The coat of arms of Manila, capital of Philippines

Official the coat of arms cities represent the round form a heraldic board of white colour in which central part one more heraldic board of the German form, executed in the form of a fortification is represented. The central board is horizontally divided into 3 equivalent parts, top from which is coloured in red colour, medium - in dark blue, bottom - in white. In bottom the stylised plotting of marine waves of dark blue colour is possessed; in the central part the mythical animal of gold colour with a head and forepaws of a lion and a trunk of fish in which right paw on the dagger is gone is seated; in top on a red background the plotting of the opened silver marine cavity with a large pearl in the centre places. Top of a round board on perimetre the complete name of a city written by black letters «LUNGSOD NG MAYNILA» borders, bottom - the country name «PILIPINAS». In lateral parts of a board, between names it is represented on 3 five-pointed gold stars.