Capital Singapore

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • 1299
  • 4,8 million persons
  • of 647,5 sq. km
  • Dollar Singapore ( notes and coins )

Singapore - modern capital of the state with the same name, is the largest city in the country and one of the most densely populated megacities in the world. The largest is administrative-political, economic and transport centre of the state.

Capital Singapore

Singapore is well-known for the skyscrapers and museums. The name is literally transferred as «a city of lions» (singa - "lion", pore - "city"). The basic part of the population (about 80 %) is made by Chineses, Malayans - 15 %.

the Flag of Singapore

a flag Singapore the rectangular panel consisting from two equivalent on size of horizontally possessed strips is Modern. The strip of red colour, bottom - white is top. In top, the proximate to a staff of a flag to cloth angle the plotting of 5 five-pointed stars possessed around and a half moon is seated. All figures are represented by white colour. Red and white are traditional colours of the population of Zondsky archipelago: the white personifies honour, nobleness of thoughts, respectableness; red - unity of the people, equality, unity, fair work. 5 stars symbolise justice, progress, equality, democracy and the world; a half moon - revival and a youth. Besides, stars and a half moon are a traditional emblem of Islamic belief. Proportions of the parties make 2:3. The flag has been officially confirmed in 1959

The coat of arms of Singapore

The coat of arms Singapore represent the heraldic board of the English form coloured in red colour. In the centre of a board small horns upwards seat a white half moon over which it is represented 5 white five-pointed stars possessed around. As the basis the board is served by 2 gold branches of a palm tree decorated in the bottom of an arched tape of dark blue colour on which yellow (gold) letters in Malayan language trace the motto of capital and all state «MAJULAH SINGAPURA» («FORWARD, Singapore»). Chargers are 2 national animal Singapore - a tiger and the lion represented by gold colour. Animals are represented risen on hinder legs and supporting lobbies a board. The lion personifies force and power of the state, its people; a tiger - Malaysia, with which Singapore closely related history.