Seoul, capital of South Korea

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • I century BC
  • 10,4 million persons
  • of 607 sq. km
  • South Korean wons ( notes and coins )

Seoul - the modern capital of Republic Korea, represents the big city in the state, is the largest economic and industrial centre of the country. It is geographically possessed in a valley, it is bordered by 2 mountains - Namsan (in the south) and Pukhan (in the north).

Seoul - capital of South Korea

The City takes the seventh place in the world on a population. Initially Seoul carried other names - Vireson, Hanson, Hanjan, Kenson. Date of an official confirmation of a city capital of the Korean Republic became on August, 1st, 2004

the Flag of Seoul, capital of South Korea

Modern the flag Seoul represents a squared panel of white colour, with a multi-coloured inscription in English. In transfer the inscription states: "Greetings Seoul the Soul of Asia".

The coat of arms of Seoul, capital of South Korea

Modern the coat of arms Seoul represent the round form an emblem of the white colour which contour is made by the black inscription possessed on a circle containing the complete official name of a city «SEOUL METROPOLITAN GONVERNMENT». In the coat of arms centre 3 figures as though drawn as a brush - 2 strips (along the edges) and a circle (in the centre) are represented. The left strip is represented in the form of a contour of mountain top and coloured in green colour. The right strip - wavy, is coloured in dark blue colour and symbolises the river Hangang. The circle in the centre of orange (gold) colour also means the sun. Green colour of mountain urged to personify love to the nature and environment protection; blue colour of the river Hangan - a rich city history and its viability, power, city dwellers. The gold sun designates Seoul as state capital, and also personifies its future development, prosperity etc. As a whole the modern emblem of a city symbolises not modern capital, and Seoul of tomorrow. The arms have been officially confirmed on October, 28th, 1996