Damascus, capital of Syria

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • XXVI century BC
  • 4,5 million persons
  • of 573 sq. km
  • Syrian pound ( notes and coins )

Damascus - the modern capital of Syria, represents one of the most ancient saved cities in the world. Places on river banks of Plank beds-barada, on the threshold of mountains. There is a theory that the pioneer settlement in territory of a modern city has occurbed in XXVI century BC, however Damascus as the city-centre of the Damask kingdom (according to the majority of researchers) has been erected in XI century BC In VII-VIII centuries a city was a part of Ottoman empire, in first half XX century - the centre the operated France territories.

Damascus - capital of Syria (a mosque of Umayyad)

Damascus has been officially declared by independent state capital in 1943 In Damascus since ancient times the textile industry and art crafts had wide development, the special kind of the textiles which have received the name in honour of a city (a Damask fabric) here has started to be produced. Besides, ancient Damascus was famous for swords manufactured here (a Damask steel).

Now the city represents about fight the largest is administrative-political, financial, cultural and transport centre in the state. The most known and valuable historical places of interest of a city are: a sanctuary of Jupiter Damask (I century); a mosque of Umayyad (VIII century); a palace al-Azema; the hospital the Nur-hell-dyne (XII century), etc. Besides, on a city territory places a significant amount (more than 200) mosques and minarets of different times of construction.

the Flag Damascus officially is not confirmed.

The coat of arms of Damascus, capital of Syria

The coat of arms cities represent a rectangle of white colour in the middle of which in green and black colours the official symbol of Damascus - an arch in which centre place a tower, a mosque is represented. On perimetre the coat of arms are bordered by the green national ornament which basis is made by two parallel strips.