Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan

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Dushanbe - the modern capital of Republic Tajikistan, represents the big city in the state. Is in the Gissarsky valley, on river banks Dushanbinka. Dushanbe is the major economic and political centre in Tajikistan.

Dushanbe - capital of Tajikistan (a monument of Ismoil Somoni)

The City was formed at-sight small settlement where large fairs (from here every Monday were going there was a city name - Dushanbe means "Monday"). Earlier the city was called as Djushambe and Stalinabad.

the Flag cities officially is not confirmed.

The coat of arms of Dushanbe, capital of Tajikistan

Official the coat of arms cities represent a board of the French form which field is horizontally divided into 3 equal parts green (below), white (in the centre) and red (at the top of) colours (colour of a national flag of Republic). In the board centre the arch made of 13 alternating white and gold strips is represented. The arch is surrounded by a traditional Tadjik gold ornament, on each side which wings are represented, and the top represents an arch under which gold letters on a red field trace the city name. In an arch the three-topmost mountain of blue (grey) colour below places, the gold "ascending" sun with 21 beam is above represented. Over the sun the stylised royal crown of red colour surrounded with 7 red five-pointed stars is seated. Over an arch in arms bottom the open book symbolising education and culture is possessed. In the book centre the symbolical key from a city of gold colour is represented. The arch personifies urban gate, a crown and stars - the status of Dushanbe as state capitals. The arms are confirmed in 1997