Bangkok, capital of Thailand

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  • XVI century
  • 8,16 million persons
  • 1,5 thousand in sq. km
  • Bath ( notes and coins )

Bangkok (the local name of a city - Krun Thep Maha Nakhon - «the City of angels», «the Great city») - the modern capital of Thailand, represents the city in the state. The city name is switched on in "Guinness Book of Records" as the longest name of settlement in the world as at a writing on a local dialect it consists of 1500 symbols.

Places on river bank Chao Prajja. The river island Rattanakosin also concerns territory of Bangkok (literally - «the maximum jewelry») on which now place residence of the king, some administrative agencies, the various ministries and monasteries, i.e. The territory of this island represents simultaneously political and religious centre of Bangkok. The city was formed at-sight small shopping centre where there came merchants and dealers from different settlements. Today Bangkok is the largest economic centre of Thailand. Bangkok became capital of Thailand in 1782 by order of the king the Frames I, the first governor from a dynasty of Chakri.

Bangkok - capital of Thailand

By an administrative-territorial principle the city is divided into 50 areas largest of which are Thonburi, the Old city, Dusit, the Chinese quarter, Patong and Business area. More than 90 % of all inhabitants of Bangkok adhere to the Buddhism. In connection with a geographical position and availability of a significant amount of channels to a city quite often pirate the name the Asian Venice.

The Famous places of interest of Bangkok are the Royal palace, a wooden palace of Vimanmek, royal residence the Pas-in Ban, the Chinese quarter, an ancient part of a city - Ajuttajja, Thonburijsky channels, the Floating market, Jim Thompson's national Thai house, and also temples of the Morning, Gold, Emerald and Lying Buddha.

the Flag of Bangkok, capital of Thailand

the Flag Bangkok is the rectangular panel of green colour in which centre the board of the round form of white colour, with the municipal arm plotting places.

The coat of arms of Bangkok, capital of Thailand

Official the coat of arms Bangkok represent the round form a board in which centre the legendary sacred white elephant of Airavata - the king of all elephants is frontally represented. The mythical elephant is represented often with three heads, however on the coat of arms of Bangkok a head at an elephant one. The animal is shown going on white clouds. Astride an elephant the war god and weathers - Indra the Thunderer compressing in the right hand a lightning with which help god calls a thunder-storm is represented and rescues the earth from a drought. Along top of a stamp board passes an inscription in the Thai language, meaning the complete name of a city.