Ankara, capital of Turkey

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • 1200
  • 4,5 million persons
  • of 1417 sq. km
  • Lira Turkey ( notes and coins )

Ankara - modern capital of Turkey, the largest (after the former capital - Istanbul) a city in the state. An official language - Turkish (besides, Russian is propagated). The most widespread religion - Islam. Ankara became capital of Turkey in 1923 In 1100-1200 on intersection of overland merchant paths the strength which has become subsequently by a city has been constructed. In 1893 the first railway Ankara - Istanbul, served by a powerful impulse for a development of the city is constructed. It is declared by capital Kemalem Atatjurkom in 1923

Ankara - capital of Turkey (a mosque of Kochatepe)

the Flag Ankara is the rectangular panel of white colour in which centre the modern urban arms are seated. On top of a stamp board black letters trace the city name.

the Flag of Ankara, capital of Turkey

The coat of arms of Ankara, capital of Turkey

Official the coat of arms cities represent a dark blue heraldic board of the Spanish form. The central figure of a board is the stylised plotting of a classical mosque of Kochatepe constructed in classical style in 1967 1987, executed in blue (dome) and white (2 columns on each side from a dome) colours. Over a mosque on a dark blue background in the form of a triangle three five-pointed stars of the different sizes coloured in white colour place. The fourth - the largest white five-pointed star is represented under a mosque. The modern arms of Ankara have been confirmed in 1995 It were more approached to the European samples (probably, connected with aspiration of Turkey to enter into the European community more strongly). The former symbol is recognised faster an emblem, instead of the coat of arms (though there are sceptical opinions and concerning the modern arms bearing the minimum semantic load).