Canberra, capital of Australia

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • 1913
  • 334 thousand persons
  • of 805 sq. km
  • Aussie dollar ( notes and coins )

Canberra - a city which is capital of Australia (the Australian Union). Here it is concentrated administrative, cultural and a country centre of science. Canberra, including its suburbs, is the Australian metropolitan territory. It represents an independent administrative unit.

The This city places in a southeast part of the country.

The Majority of the population of Canberra is made by descendants of immigrants of Europe. Thus the large part moved here are Englishmen and Irish. Besides it, the metropolitan population is presented by the Asian nationalities, Russian, Ukrainians, Greeks, Italians and Armenians.

Canberra - capital of Australia

As a state language English is confirmed. However the small ethnic groups occupying capital, talk both in Italian, and on Greek, and in Russian languages. As the dominating form of creed the Christianity, first of all Catholicism and Protestantism is presented. Their adherents make over 80 % from total number of believers of Canberra. Besides Christians, there are Buddhists, Moslems etc.

Canberra has been based in 1913 the Decision that it is necessary to base a city, it was accepted on one of parliamentary meetings in Australia. The parliament in 1908-1909 has chosen a site of the future capital. The special design has been developed for city construction. Its founder is the American architect U.Griffin.

In 1927 Canberra has been officially recognised by capital of the Australian Union. Same year in a city buildings of the governmental residence and the state parliament have taken places.

The Australian capital simply enough to distinguish from other cities of this country. The architecture of buildings first of all promotes it. All the matter is that in territory of Canberra it was impossible to build buildings above 10 floors.

To One of the most significant events in a life of the Australian capital was opening of National university which has taken place in 1952 Besides, right after the Second World War in the Australian capital new schools began to occur. In the end of XX century in this city cinemas, museums began to be erected, to be organised the various exhibitions etc.

the Flag of Canberra, capital of Australia

The coat of arms of Canberra, capital of Australia

the Flag Canberra. The flag panel is divided on two unequal parts of dark blue and yellow colours. On a dark blue background 5 stars (constellation of the Southern Cross) are represented. On a yellow background there is a municipal arm plotting.

The coat of arms Canberra. On a heraldic board of dark blue colour there is a plotting of three-tower strength. Directly over it the sabres crossed among themselves are seated. The board is kept by two swans of black and white colours standing on the black earth. Crowns a board the plotting of a crown which personifies two races of Australia - natives and Europeans. Under a board there is a tape with the motto an inscription «For the Queen, the Law and the People».