Wellington, capital of New Zealand

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • 1839
  • 431 thousand persons
  • of 290 sq. km
  • New Zealand dollar ( notes and coins )

Wellington - capital of New Zealand. Wellington takes the second place on a population among cities of all state, and also it is the largest capital from all others on Polynesian islands. In local language the name of the this city sounds as Those Fanaui-and-container (in language of Maori Those Whanganui-and-Tara).

The City is in a southern part of Northern island in a coil of Lembton-Harbor which is a part of Cook strait. For this reason Wellington constantly attack storm a wind. Total number of townsmen and its suburbs makes about 431,4 thousand persons.

The New Zealand colonel William Uejkfild has based a residential location a little to the north of that place where modern Wellington places. In 1840 under the influence of overflows of the river Hatt the city population had to transfer a little on the south. The name Wellington to a distance city its first settlers. This name connect with a name of the field marshal, duke Arthur Uelsli Vellingtona. It was the commander of the English-Dutch armies and has rendered considerable aid and support to the first people occupying Wellington. However after inhabitants of Wellington have endured flooding, in 1848 there was the most powerful earthquake which has become by the reason enough of strong destructions, then in 1854 because of the same earthquake many people were lost.

Wellington - capital of New Zealand (a beehive)

Ranks of capital of New Zealand Wellington has been awarded in 1865

From the cultural point of view Wellington very rich and beautiful city. Here there is a considerable quantity of various bridges, viaducts, tunnels, parks and squares. Styles of its architectural buildings also amaze imagination. The constructions erected in XIX century, are combined with buildings of a modern lay-out, and also with various wooden houses and buildings. As an example of one of such unusual interesting constructions the building of parliament of the round form can act. Local residents name as its "beehive". Opposite to a parliament building there is a former palace of the government. This building is remarkable that is the second-large structure in the world from a tree. Among other cultural monuments it is possible to evolve St. Paul's Cathedral, a botanical garden etc.

The coat of arms of Wellington, capital of New Zealand

The coat of arms Wellington. The heraldic board is supported from the different parties by a tiger and an ostrich standing on the green earth. The board is divided by a wide yellow cross into 4 parts of dark blue and red colours. At each of parts there is a symbolical plotting: in dark blue top - a sailing vessel, in bottom - wheat sheaf; in red top - a gold ram, in bottom - white circles in chessboard order. The board is crowned with a silver tower crown with four teeth. And above dark blue fish is represented.

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