Port Moresby, capital Papua New Guinea

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Port Moresby - a city which is capital of the state Papua New Guinea. Besides it, Port Moresby is an administrative centre of metropolitan district Port Moresby. There is a city in a southeast part of island New Guinea.

The Great bulk of the population of capital is made by Papuans and Melanesians. All population talks more than in 700 languages and dialects. It depends first of all on an accessory of the person to this or that tribe. Besides it, Australians and natives live in Port Moresby from the European continent. Officially confirmed state language considers English, more precisely, its local dialect - a pidgin-English. However the population basically talks on a pidgin and to the hiri-squanderer.

Overwhelming weight of the population profess Christianity (about 90 %). Approximately 60 % from them - Protestants and 30 % - Catholics. Besides it, the people professing various beliefs live in capital.

Port Moresby - capital Papua New Guinea

The History of this city begins since 1873 this year on islands there has arrived Englishman John Morsbi. He has found out a beautiful coil, has named it in honour of the father of Port Moresby. After a while in this place there was a city which has saved the name of a coil.

In 1884 of Port Moresby was a part of the British New Guinea which was at that time the British colony. After a while (in 1906) this colony has got under protection of Australia and has been renamed into Territory Papua. In 1949 there was a merge of the northeast of New Guinea and Papua. As a result of this merge of Port Moresby it has appeared in composition Papua New Guinea. In 1964 in this country elections in legislative assembly have taken place. The majority of places in this assembly has got to natives. Same year solemn opening of the first university of Papua New Guinea has taken place. With the course of time the city became the cultural centre of the state. In 1973 the state has acquired the right to internal self-management, and in 1975 became definitive the independent. Thus the city of Port Moresby became capital Papua New Guinea.

The Historical central part of a city the local population names the Town. Along its northern part there passes a port line. In a southern part of the Town the park the Ela-scourge has placed. The oldest architectural monuments (XIX century) are in the central part. Among them it is possible to name incorporated church Ela which has been erected in 1890 Near to this church the buildings constructed in modern style, it first of all offices and hotels are possessed. The basic part governmental and official bodies is possessed in the north of capital. Besides it, in this area enough big sports complex constructed in the late eighties is placed

From cultural and educational institutions it is necessary to note the National museum and university.

the Flag of Port Moresby - capitals Papua New Guinea

the Flag cities represents a panel of yellow colour with the sea-craft represented on him (a seaport symbol). The vessel is presented by black colour. Directly under the this plotting passes an inscription black letters with instructions of the name of a city.

The coat of arms Port Moresby officially is not confirmed.