London, capital of Great Britain

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  • Population:
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  • Monetary unit:
  • of 43
  • 7,5 million persons
  • of 1579 sq. km
  • Pound sterling ( notes and coins )

London - modern capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and also the state England. London is the big city of British isles.

The city Name has occurred from an old Latin word («londinium»). There are four versions of etymology of this word. On one of them, it is formed from the Roman name which is transferred as "violent". On other - from a Latin word «lond» which means «the wild place which has grown with wood». There is an opinion that a name to a city of a distance of a word of the Celtic origin «llyn» - "lake" and «dun» - "strengthening" as during the Celtic period this city carried the name «llyndid».

London - capital of Great Britain

City Bases have been mortgaged in 43, during intrusion on the British earths of the Roman emperor Claudia with the armies. However existence on this place of more ancient large settlement based during the previous period is supposed. Londinium has fast turned to one of the largest centres of the Roman Britain and to 100 became its capital. After in V century Romans have definitively left this territory, britons began to occupy London. In XI century the city has endured grab of Vikings, in XIII century - occupation of the French armies, in XIV and XVII centuries - terrible epidemics of a plague, and in 1666 there was a Great London fire. In XVI-XVIII centuries London has turned to the large centre of the industry and trade of world significance.

Now the city is considered the centre of an economic, political and cultural life of all kingdom. The London international Heathrow airport is considered one of the largest in the world. In a city there is a big river port. Since the Middle Ages and till now the city is divided into two basic areas - a business centre of City and an administrative centre Westminster. St. Paul's Cathedral, strength concern the most famous places of interest of the British capital a Tower, Westminster abbey, the complex of the Westminster palace with an hour tower, etc. the City is possessed on a zero meridian which quite often name the Greenwich. It is connected with the name of area of London which crosses this meridian.

the Flag of London, capital of Great Britain

the Flag London represents the panel of a squared shape coloured in white colour. In the cloth centre the plotting of the direct red Georgievsky cross which beams reach flag borders is seated. The cross divides a flag cloth into 4 equivalent parts, in the centre of one of which (top, the proximate to a staff) the stylised planimetric plotting of the red knightly sword seated vertically by an edge upwards places.

The coat of arms of London, capital of Great Britain

The coat of arms London represent a heraldic board of the traditional English form which basic field is coloured in silver colour. The board is divided into 4 equivalent parts by a direct Georgievsky cross of red colour. In the top left part on a silver field the red sword (that retries appearance of an official London flag) places. The Georgievsky cross is considered a symbol not only capitals of England, but also all country as George Pobedonosets is its heavenly patron. There is a version what exactly Britain was the native land of this Christian martyr and the commander. This plotting was used as a city symbol in XIII century the Big arms of London has occurbed in the modern performance (with chargers and the tape with the motto) is more narrow in XVI-XVII centuries As chargers two mythical beings coloured in silver colour - the dragons which figures are mirror displayed act. Languages of dragons and crosses on their wings are represented by red colour. The image of this mythical animal also goes back to sacred George's traditional iconography. The arms crown silver a knightly top section with the closed gold visor, executed in the form of the wing opened a dragon. In arms bottom the figured arched tape with the motto of silver colour with executed on it black colour the Latin motto of a city «DOMINE DIRIGE NOS».