Warsaw, capital of Poland

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Warsaw - since 1596 state Poland capital.

Local residents tell set of legends About occurrence of the name of a city. On one of versions, the word "Warsaw" has occurbed from merge of names of two twins - children of the fisherman living on the river Vistula who were called by Vare and Sava. Under other version, the name to a city was yielded by names of fisherman Varsa and its loved Sava.

For the first time people began to lodge in territory of present Polish capital in X century In XV-XVII centuries a city was capital of the Mazovetsky princedom, and from XVI century and prior to the beginning of XIX century was capital of all Poland. In 1807 1813 Warsaw became the centre of the Warsaw princedom, and with 1815г. - the Polish kingdom which have a part of the Russian empire. Throughout seven centuries of the existence Warsaw appeared time and again under the power of governors of other states - Sweden, Russia, Prussia, the city collapsed and built up anew.

Warsaw - capital of Poland

The Historical centre of the Polish capital - the Old city which has hardly suffered during the Second World War and was reduced during post-war time, - now is switched on in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. Separate monuments, such as Royal castle XVI-XVII centuries, have been reduced only by the end of XX century To places of interest of a city the Russian strength of XIX century carrying the name the Warsaw Aleksandrovsky citadel, a memorial complex - the Cemetery-mausoleum of the Soviet soldiers which were lost at clearing of Warsaw of fascist occupation concern also. In the Old city, near to Castle Square on which there is a royal castle and a column of Sigizmund of III Vase in height of 20 m, the oldest temple of Warsaw - a cathedral Sacred Yana is possessed.

the Flag of Warsaw, capital of Poland

the Flag Warsaw represents the rectangular panel consisting of two equal multi-coloured horizontally possessed strips. The top half of flag is coloured in yellow colour, bottom - in red. Appearance of an urban flag retries state, however the white strip of the Polish flag is replaced with the yellow. Red colour personifies the sunset sun, yellow - a solar energy and well-being. Proportions of a cloth of a flag make 2: 3.

The coat of arms of Warsaw, capital of Poland

The coat of arms Warsaw represent a heraldic board of the traditional French form which basic field is coloured in red colour. In the board centre, taking its big part, the siren plotting (mermaids, semiwomen-semifishes) which keeps the gold sword of the arched form lifted for blow in the right hand, and in left - a gold board round places Forms. Hair of the mermaid - gold, a tail - green. According to a legend during ancient times this mermaid has come to coast of Vistula from Baltic sea. Its singing has fascinated local residents, and to the mermaid this edge was grew fond. When the greedy merchant has caught the girl-fish and has caged, fishermen and farmers from neighbouring villages have come to the rescue to it and have set it free. After clearing the siren has sworn to protect Warsaw and its population from all troubles. Since then its plotting has taken the place on a municipal arm, and in the centre of Warsaw there was a bronze monument to the aggressive mermaid. The stamp plotting is topped by a gold royal crown with a cross, decorated with red and blue jewels.