Georgetown, capital of Guyana

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • 1781
  • 32,6 thousand persons
  • of 250 sq. km
  • Guyanese dollar ( notes and coins )

Georgetown is Republic Guyana capital, also its economic, political and cultural centre. Georgetown is possessed in the northeast of Guyana at coast of Atlantic ocean - near to a place of a confluence of it of the river Demerara.

The Capital Georgetown has been based in 1781 by the Dutch colonists. From the very beginning Georgetown had other name of Stabruk that with Dutch literally means «a pond with motionless, stagnant water». In 1784 the capital became an administrative centre of the Dutch colonial possession in the South America. In the beginning of XIX century at the height of military operations between Holland and Great Britain, burst as a result of struggle for a colonial rule on territories of Guyana, Georgetown has been won by the British soldiers who in 1812 have yielded a city its present name («George's city» it is named in honour of the king of Britain George III). In 1812 in Georgetown the governor's residence has been placed. In 1831 after merge of English colonies of Berbis, the Essay-kibo and Demerara the new territory began to be called as the British Guiana, and Georgetown is confirmed by its capital.

Georgetown - capital of Guyana

The Modern shape of Georgetown is made by a geometrical network of the streets which have been planted trees and shrubs by various exotic plants. The basic historical monuments of capital are the wooden Anglican cathedral largest in all globe erected in 1892, and the Catholic cathedral constructed of ferro-concrete plates in 1914 Big Interest is represented also by buildings of National meeting and the governmental residence which have been built in 1839 1844 In the middle of 1880 the court building and the urban town hall, today architecture being monuments have been erected. In capital the Museum of Guyana which collection narrates about a stage-by-stage development of the city is presented.

the Flag of Georgetown, capital of Guyana

the Flag Georgetown represents a rectangular panel of white colour in which centre the plotting of a heraldic board in the form of a circle is seated. In the middle of a board the five-pointed star (its contour is coloured in green colour) on which the tree of green colour towers is represented. Every which way the lilac lines designating borders with neighbouring states and the main rivers depart from a star, proceeding in a city.

The coat of arms Georgetown officially are not confirmed.