Caracas, capital of Venezuela

  • Time of the basis:
  • Population:
  • Area:
  • Monetary unit:
  • 1567
  • 2,8 million persons
  • 1,9 thousand in sq. km
  • Bolivar ( notes and coins )

Caracas is capital of Venezuela, and also its administrative, historical and cultural centre. The city is possessed in the most beautiful mountain valley of the Caribbean Andes at height about 1000 m above sea level. Caracas is on distance 13 - 15 km from coast of Caribbean sea. It is very densely populated city, in him the sixth part of all population of Venezuela is concentrated. Basically the city population are Spanish-American Indian metises. And the insignificant part (approximately 20 %) the capital population is made by descendants of Spaniards, Italians, Portugueses and other representatives of the European nation. The negroidnaja race makes only 10 % from the general population, and Indians and that it is less - only 2 %.

Caracas has been based by Spaniard Diego de Losada in day of Sacred Jacob - on July, 25th, 1567 - under the name of Santiago-de-Leon-de-Caracas. Later the long name has been replaced with more simple - Caracas which was saved till now. Caracas has started to be under construction on that place where the American Indian settlement has been burnt. In XVI-XVII centuries it repeatedly was exposed to armed assaults of pirates. Since 1810 in the country the first serious collisions between indigenous population and conquerors have begun. As a result of revolt of Creoles was will dethrone the Spanish general captain and the Supreme governmental junta is positioned. From the very beginning the Supreme junta corrected on behalf of the Spanish king Ferdinand VII who has been discharged of the power by Napoleon in 1808 But despite these actions, risen recognised soon as rebels, and Venezuela has undergone to blockade by conquerors. And the summer of 1811 in Caracas had been called the National congress which has positioned the status of independence of Venezuela. However a year later (in 1812) Spaniards began to reduce the domination in Venezuela which overthrow was promoted partly by the killerquake which has happened there a day before intrusion of the Spanish armies. In 1819 Venezuela was a part of Great Colombia, was disconnected from which in 1830 Since same year Caracas has been proclaimed by capital of Venezuela.

Caracas - capital of Venezuela

The Most important historical place in Caracas is the Bolivar area - Plasa Bulivar. On it the horse monument to the liberator - Simon Bolivar towers. Nearby there are the most ancient buildings, among which cathedral of Caracas erected in XVII century. Here there is a Capitol, the oldest palace of Kasa Natal where took place the Bolivar childhood. In a city the Bolivar Museum in which unique materials are stored acts: personal records, the newspaper cuttings containing the articles of Bolivar. The spacious circular of Bolivar covers all old city. On him the Sentro-bolivar has placed are the two high-rise buildings connected among themselves. The hippodrome of Rinkonada taking huge territory - more than 500 hectares is of special interest. Also among local residents the Botanical garden in which the big collection of cactuses is presented uses a great popularity. In the south of Caracas, in a military camp, the circular of Fathers of the Native land with monuments and statues was stretched. Here the avenue of heroes is possessed. It is decorated by the most beautiful fountains, rare trees and colours. Capital business streets are possessed in the Sabana-grandee. In shops the diversified goods from the USA, Japan and Europe - from gold ornaments, hours, glamour dresses to cars of the most known marks are sold. Caracas - one of the most cultural cities in the country. In him are available university, the Musical academy opened in 1783 Among museums it is possible to evolve the Museum of fine arts in which the unsurpassed collection of painting and a sculpture of local and foreign masters is collected. The Museum of colonial art, the Museum of natural sciences, the Museum of Modern Art with a collection of sculptures also are of interest.

the Flag of Caracas, capital of Venezuela

the Flag Caracas represents represents a rectangular panel of red colour in which centre the modern arms of capital are seated.

The coat of arms of Caracas, capital of Venezuela

The coat of arms Caracas represent the heraldic board framed with a gold tape. On a dark blue field of the coat of arms the plotting of a lion with language of the red colour standing on hinder legs is seated. The lion one paw leans against a gold board on which the figured red cross is represented. The arms are topped by the imperial crown which is a symbol of the power and greatness. The lion symbolises force and courage.